The discovery of the year; the new single by Netanel M. “Shema Evyonecha”

September 24, 2008 2 min read


Chazzanim and Ba’alei Tefilla are always fond of the Yemai Rachamim and the days during which we say selichos. The electrifying atmosphere of Teshuva adds beauty and a spiritual aroma that is specific to the piyutim of these Tefillos that are true songs of the neshama. Therefore it was only natural for Netanel Maliyov to use one of the most emotional Tefillos originally composed by the great poet Rabbi Yehuda Halevi from the Selichos of Yom Kippur; “Ka Shema Evyonecha”, as his new single.


The words of this most poignant and heartfelt tefilla are as follows.
י-ה שמע אביוניך, המחלים פניך. אבינו לבניך אל תעלם אזניך.

אל נא תשיבם ריקים היום מלפניך. ואם לא תעשה למענם, עשה צורי למענך.
לדמעת פניהם תשעה ותאסוף עדר תועה, ותקים לך רועה, ופקוד בטוב צאנך.


Maliyov, 27, married, father to 3 children and living in Kiryat Malachi, is taking his first steps in the making of Jewish music. However he is being described as fresh, his single being the discovery of the year. His songs  can be characterized as songs that truly stroke the soul, are executed with extreme precision and care, consistent with his special style.


Maliyov does not forget to show his Hakoras HaTov to the Ribono Shel Olam; “My song, it is my personal mission, I believe the niggun is like a messenger of the neshama and this song comes directly from there. I hope that it also finds its way into your neshamos.” This production came together thanks to the finest people in the profession, which led to an exciting result allowing us to listen to a truly special find.


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