The Malchus Choir Visits The Hebrew Music Museum In Jerusalem & Performs “Haleluya”

June 22, 2017 1 min read

In the heart of Jerusalem’s Nahalat Shiva neighborhood is the Museum of Hebrew Music, which opened to the general public a year ago. The only museum of its kind, reveals a glimpse into the world of the various musical instruments that accompanied the folk singer over the years in his countries of residence, from the countries of Ashkenaz and Eastern Europe, through Central Asia, the Balkans, Morocco and Andalusia to Yemen, Iraq and Egypt.

Hundreds of rare, ancient and varied musical instruments are displayed in the seven rooms of the museum, divided according to the different genres of Jewish music throughout the ages. Here, among the seven rooms, the “Malchus” choir, conducted by Pinchas Bichler, chose to play the mizmor “Haleluya”, which concludes the Book of Tehillim, which tells of the musical instruments praising Hashem the teapot shofar, the harp and the violin, the drum and the dance, the drums and the organ.

This time the instruments become full partners in the experience of the photographed sounds, each one making its own special sound in the psalm, in the operation of the extensive team of musicians who also jumped to visit the museum.

The project, production and creation of the visual and musical concept are the work of the conductor and conductor Pinchas Bichler. The composer who plays the violinist Aharon Brier performs the work of his father, Rabbi Yosef Zvi Breier. The musical adaptation and orchestration Ari Farkash. The digital part of the production was directed by the digital man Fishel Rosenfeld. Photographed and edited by Yechiel Sade.

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