The Second Single From Derech Achim “Od Yishama” (African Style)

March 20, 2017 1 min read

Everything is in the family: two brothers in law who set up a band in in Johannesburg, Reuven Garber who sings and Jared Lazaros who composes. The band produces Jewish music with international influences. Derech Achim, their band, is also a national South African band that surprises with its modern and original sound and style.

They both live with their respective families in Johannesburg, although Jared spent a good number of years living in Australia. Now he works as a real estate agent, and Reuven learns in Kollel.

Already for almost a year they’ve been working on their new album, and are trying to compose in different styles, while definitely paying a lot of tribute to the African music as they combine it into Shirei Kodesh.

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