The Taste of Switzerland: Aryeh David feat. Yoni Eliav Band [Video]

December 24, 2017 1 min read

Aryeh David, the new hot name on the market, comes to us straight from snowy Switzerland, where he grew up and lived for many years. However, now he lives in Israel and he is starting to perform here like he did back there.

Now that he has acclimated to Israel, and acquired a good name for himself in the music world, the time has come to widen the audience to move forward in his work, and that is why he has joined fores with arranger and musician Yoni Eliav. After much deep thought and a lot of work, the two of them are releasing the Wedding Hit Medley of 2017 in which Aryeh hosts Yoni Eliav and his band. Some of the top songs from this year and the past are featured in the medley, with powerful and exciting arrangements from Yoni Eliav. The clip starts off with Baruch Haba a classic from Avraham Fried, continues with Eli Herzlich‘s Kesher Shel Kayama and finally closes with the massive Yaakov Shwekeyhit Et Rikod. The bold and full arrangements, in the unique style of Yoni Eliav and his orchestra make this clip a must see with the amazing rhythm and the vibrant energy.

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