Tzachi Buchbut With A New Chuppa Hit “Eshet Chayil”

February 27, 2018 1 min read

Israeli artist Tzachi Buchbut began his career as a singer and composer by the name of Tzahi Bar Chen. Over the years however, he decided to restore the old glory and restore his original name Tzachi Buhbut.

Now Tzachi released a new single called “Eshet Chayil” which he himself composed for words from Kiddush Shabbos in Yogev Samina’s adaptation.

The song is devoted entirely to women of Israel, mothers and brides on their wedding day.

The song is part of an album that will be released soon.

Lyrics: Zemirot L’shabbat
Music: Tzachi Buchbut
Musical adaptation and production: Yogev Samina
Drums and guitars: Yossi Hazan
Violin: Meir Mishali
Recorded at the Eliflet Poultry Studios
Photography and editing: Moshe Biton

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