Uri Davidi – Belibi [Official Music Video]

May 02, 2018 2 min read

With the release this past Fall of his debut album Halevai, singer Uri Davidi has become a sought after wedding and concert singer across the world . The album presented by Eli Lax boasted many hits including the title track Halevai , Belibi, Ma Shyesh Lo, Ma Nora and others. After a jam packed chol haomed Pesach full of performances that had him flying from coast to coast, Uri decided that it was time to release a music video.

That is when Uri approached renowned musician and video producer Bentsi Marcus of the 8th Day to produce his video. After going over all the songs on the album and hearing feedback from fans, the song was finally picked, the music video would be for the Yitzy Waldner hit song Belibi. Packed full of energy and the universal message of loving one another, the official Belibi music video will have you replaying the video again and again. Shot on locations both in LA and NY, the visual components combined with the energetic melody of this timeless message will have you dancing long after Lag Baomer. What a perfect time of year to release this video. Let’s rejoice and promise to love and support our fellow Jew “Kemo Ani” and help bring Mashiach now!

Produced and Directed by: Bentzi Marcus
DP and First Camera: Levi Percia
Second Camera: Nelson Mayorga
Third Camera: Ricardo Alvarez
Rooftop DP: Mendel Grossbaum
Drone Operator: Mendel Grossbaum
Grip: Yuda Vogel
Lighting and Set Design: Samson Sound and Lighting
Lighting Assistant: Mario Medina
PA: Chaim Hodakov
Edit: Levi Percia
Color Correction: Mendel Katz
Animation: Moishy Lew
Uri Davidi “Belibi” Logo Design: Yossi Zweig
“Bentzi Marcus Productions” Logo Design: Sruly Meyer

Studio performance cast members:
Guitar – Elliott Samson
Keyboard – Michael Bogomolny
Trombone – Kerry Loeschen
Saxophone – Leo Chelyapov
Trumpet – Tomer Ron
Dancer 1 – Taylor Green
Dancer 2 – Matt Marr
Dancer 3 – Azriel Hirsch
Dancer 4 – Shlomo Lebhar

Store scene cast members:
Moshe Storch
Menachem Kashanian
Menachem Engel
Simcha Engel
Elijah Haboosheh
Moshe Nourollah
Batya Nourollah
Mordechai Shoub
Eliana Saghian
Benyamin Saghian
Yosef Motamedi
Bracha Motamedi
Tehila Motamedi
Chezky Krause
Mendel Kovalsky
Levi Mishulovin
Aharon Mishulovin

Filmed on location at: Green Screen Downtown Studio Los Angeles, CA. Chabad-Atara’s Judaica Los Angeles, CA.

“Belibi” song credits:
Composed by Yitzy Waldner
Arranged by Yoni Eliav
Produced by Eli Lax

SPECIAL THANKS: Chabad-Atara’s Judaica, Levi Mishulovin, Rabbi Yosef Mishulovin, Rabbi Moshe Greenwald, Chabad Downtown LA, Rashi Marcus, Sruly Meyer, Chaim Krause, Chaya Motamedi, Bruria Nourollah, Manya Saghian, Dovid Lieder, Lieder’s Catering, Yoni Oscherowitz, Eli Lax, Duvi Maryles, Micha Seruya, Albert Mohadeb, Dovid Davidi, Avi Feder

Purchase the full album “Halevai” here-
ITUNES http://hyperurl.co/halevai
AMAZON http://hyperurl.co/amazon-halevai
CD Baby: http://hyperurl.co/cdbaby-halevai

Get a hard copy from-



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