Uziya Tzadok Presents “Habeit” The First Single Off his Upcoming DVD

December 07, 2016 1 min read

Uziya Tzadok does not stop for a moment. Since winning first place in the Beit Sefer Lamuzikah he has already released two singles, and now he is releasing a full DVD of a concept concert that he gave in Tel Aviv. The concert was produced by David Fadida, with an orchestra of 20 musicians.

After some opening remarks by Menachem Toker, Uziya got up on stage to perform with the orchestra, some of his hit songs from Beit Sefer Lamuzikah, including K’Shehaleiv Bocheh. A number of duets happened during the night as well, including Shomer Yisrael with Ohad, as well as a performance with Daniel Ahaviel. The highlight of the night was when Uziah invited his personal mentor, Itzik Dadya, up on to the stage and together they sang the song Habeit.


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