December 04, 2016 2 min read

In honor of Yud Tes Kislev the Buba Myses produced a music video urging all Jews to wrap on Tefillin! The clip is filmed in the shul where the band davens as well as at the platform where Chabad is located in the Machaneh Yehuda Shuk.

This isn’t the first time the Buba Myses have joined together with Chabad, they have also already done a clip of a Chabad Medley. The lyrics of the song were written by Avram Zamist, and the Buba Myses are produced by Nati Shayish and Shai Barak. The singer is Chanan Elias. Filmed and edited by Liran Shemesh.

Lyrics by Avram Zamist
Singer : Chanan Elias
Videographer and editing by Liran Shemesh
Puppetier : Dotan Dotke Elad
Mixed by Oren Latz
Special thanks to Chabad Machne Yehuda and Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Roderman
Thanks to Rabbi Elazar ben Shlomo for taking part in the video

Lyrics :
I wake up early, before the sun
Snooze a few times, then it’s time to put ‘em on
With all my brothers, or on the road
They’re always with me, winter summer spring or snow

I got this mirror in my pocket
Got my Siddur on my phone
Tzizis, Kipah or a Hat if you wish, ohh.
Now I’m strapped in, locked in, ready, to say mo-odeh Ani,
It’s my privilege feel so lucky, so we Klap

And when you wear this special hide
You can feel it deep inside
You can pray You can sing
So wear Teflilin, wear Teflin, wear Teflilin
Wear ‘em, share ‘em, pray to G-D with them, Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap,
Now don’t be shy, your bro needs a try
just wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap
Everyday except Saturday
I wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap
Grandpa does it, and my Pops, we keep wrappin

When I was 13, became a man
Started wearing my Tefilin on my hand
And now I’m trying, to teach the world
‘Bout this Mitzvah, our duty, our call

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