Yanki Cohen & Chilu Genuth – Yehai Ravu [Official Music Video]

February 06, 2018 2 min read

The composer and musician Yanki Cohen continues his hospitality project for his personal compositions, after releasing the song/video “Ki Lo Yidach” with the singer Yosef Zev Braver, which currently has over 60,000 views. Together with singer Chilu Genuth, he presents “Yehai Ravu” to the heart of a young boy named Elimelech.

Elimelech’s soul desires to fulfill the will of Hashem and spirituality occupies a central part of his life, but he feels that the ideal in his surroundings has been replaced by effort and investment to adapt himself to being “like everyone else.”

He mourns his identity, which has become blurred in the shadow of the race to adjust his soul, and to cut pieces of his soul in order to adapt. He regrets disconnecting and forgetting his private role, and even when he wanted to become stronger, he looked around him as an indicator of his spiritual position.

Elimelech wonders if his inner self still exists, he turns to Hashem to open his eyes to do his will from an internal connection that controls all aspects of his life and soul, and he asks forgiveness from Hashem who looked around the place blessed.

The whole process was taken by the composer/arranger and musician Yanki Cohen, wrapped in an interesting melody and in words in Yiddish expressing a deep prayer for Hashem to shed His Shechina and to do his will – because this is His will, the song is accompanied by an inspiring clip taken in the depths of the forest.

“Let us know that this message will penetrate every Jewish heart wherever it is – that His will, blessed with love and thought, as commanded by the Holy Torah and the righteous of truth, are invited to press and internalize the message.

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