“Yoducha Ra’Ayonai” Cantor Yaakov Rosenfeld – Martin Widerker

November 19, 2017 1 min read

Now is the time of the beginning of singing Bakashos, and the piyyut written by R’ Yisrael Najjara “Yoducha Ra’Ayonai” is getting its first ever Ashkenazi composition.The piyyut is well-known to members of the Eidot Mizrach, this new composition received an impressive piano arrangement from Menachem Bristovsky.

The song was already released on the album Shabbas Ha’Malkah 2, and was performed by Chazzan Yaakov Yitzchak Rosenfeld, and is now being released with a beautiful music video as well.

Composer: Meir Martin Widerker
Singer: Cantor Yaakov Rosenfeld
Musical Arrangement: Menachem Bristowski
Choir: International Yedidim Choir
Recording of the Album Nr.2 “Shabat Hamalka” one of 30 Shabbat songs from Meir Martin Widerker

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