Yoni Z – DA MA [Official Lyric Video]

January 21, 2018 1 min read

Young Jewish pop star Yoni Z is back at it; only this time, with his debut album right around the bend.

Last year, he released his first single “Odeh” which earned a reception of high praise from producers, fans and critics through its fresh sound and ground breaking music video that left no question as to where Yonis’ musical aspirations were heading.

Yoni, now 26 years old has spent the last few years training professionally, touring the globe and creating a record in the studio, both in the United States and Israel that has become one of the highly anticipated albums in Jewish music.

DA MA“, the second single off the album, composed by the Israeli production duo Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry along with Yoni, and produced by Yanky Katina will be accompanied with an innovative and vibrant lyric video set for release for tomorrow morning.

In Yoni‘s words, “I felt ‘DA MA‘ was the appropriate song and lyric to release as the album approaches because it is consistent with the theme of thanking and never forgetting Hashem in our daily existence and mission. I feel humbled and honored to share it with you all.”

The album consists of twelve brand new songs displaying a wide variety of genres and compositions, written by Yoni and others with one fundamental goal: to produce a stellar Jewish album that will resonate with each of its listeners around the world.

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