Yossi Green ft. Shlomo Simcha “Ten Li Brocho”

August 13, 2017 1 min read

Composer Yossi Green does not rest for an instant. Lately he has been working hard on his new album, “Shades of Green: Leyl Shishi“, which includes 20 songs of Green’s, performed by the golden voice of Shlomo Simcha, mixed with some vocals by Yossi himself.

Yossi is now releasing the bonus track, a new song titled Ten Li Bracha, as a single.

Yossi recounts, “I first met Shlomo Simcha at my house more than 20 years ago. Besides the fact that I was tremendously impressed by his unique voice, he also simply turned into the inspiration for many of my more well-known compositions.”
Simultaneously Yossiis also releasing a new app called Yossi Green Radio, for FREE download on both the Apple and Android app stores, with the best of his compositions and updates from him.

Likewise, soon a new book will be released to the stores called Manginat Chayai, a biography of the 40 years of Yossi’s composing music, with interesting stories, the biggest events, and some surprising meet-ups, written by journalist Chanani Bleich.

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