Yossi Green Presents: Bency Schachter & Grandchildren “Al Hanisim PURIM”

February 26, 2018 1 min read

Finally, there should be no more scrambling for a Siddur in the middle of the Shmonei Esrais of PURIM!

Who can say he or she doesn’t recognize the feeling of reaching the Bracha of Moidim in the Shmonei Esrai of Purim and realizing that the Ve’al Hanissim you may have finally memorized from saying it about 24 times (plus Birchas Hamozoin) Chanuka each year, is not going to help you now. Because Purim
is totally different.

So how can one finally overcome this issue once and for all?

Well, there just happens to be a new composition written for a very special Zaidy who commissioned it for his Ainikel Mendy Schachter whose Bar Mitzva happens to be on Purim this year!

The composition is written in the style of what I felt was telling a story in the old and ancient Parthian Empire where Median kings and queens walked the earth.

So here it is, sung by the Bar Mitzva Boy, his siblings, his Zaidy Bency Schachter and of course, a bit of “Yours Truly” here and there for spice.

Full orchestra arranged by crazy talented Mendy Hershkowitz of Sonic Duo!

Enjoy and have a Freilichen Purim…

Yossi Green

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