Yossi Kohen Starts His Musical Career With A Lively & Promising Debut Single – “Eishes Chayil”

January 07, 2018 1 min read

After performing at many different events, singer Yossi Kohen is opening up his already impressive career and is entering the wedding dance circles in a storm.

Cohen opened up the first season of Ha’Kol Ha’Bah with an incredible performance of Avraham Fried‘s song Kach Es Sheli, and even made it to some higher levels of the competition with his impressive rendition of V’heichan Parnassaseinu. He is now showing that he is ready to start a promising musical career. Therefore, he is now releasing his first single, called Eishes Chayil, that is bound to become a major hit soon.

Eli Klein himself composed the song, and together with Yitzy Berry, arranged it as well.

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