New song: ZIV HASHCHINA by Amiran & Arik Dvir

June 08, 2016 1 min read

ZIV COVER (1) (Large)

As Matan Torah approaches, ‘Ziv HaShchina’ Amiran and Arik Dvir

In honour of the upcoming Festival of Shavuos Haba Aleinu LeTova, the Dvir brothers are releasing a new song ‘Ziv HaShchina’, lyrics from Birkat HaMazon of Yom Tov, melody and arrangement by Amiran Dvir.

“Amidst our hectic daily life, I wanted to take a moment to concentrate on the single most important thing in life, Limud Torah”, says Amiran Dvir. “Even if we don’t practice as much as we would have liked to, it is the foundation of our very existence. We would like to extend our gratitude to Rabbi Binyamin Miltskywho guides us and devotes from his precious time to accompany us and assist us in setting time for Limud Torah.

For two decades, Amiran and Arik have been leading the community’s events, playing together and separately on numerous stages worldwide. This is the second time they have recorded together, and the song is dedicated to their father, Joseph Dvir (Dvorkin), who has come back to religion (Hazar BeTshuva) 35 years ago and hasn’t stopped studying Torah since.

צילום יונתן הלפרין


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