Mitzvah Boulevard to Release Volume 3: Shabbos

August 28, 2014 1 min read


It’s Friday afternoon, Shabbos is coming soon and Bubby is off to a late start. It’s a race against time with so much to do to get ready for Shabbos. Will they make it in time? Join the cast of Mitzvah Boulevard as they learn all about Shabbos and the things we do for the special day. Mitzvah Boulevard “Shabbos” is the third in the Mitzvah Boulevard series of learning and entertainment DVD’s.

Each Mitzvah Boulevard DVD is packed with Torah and Jewish values presented in a way that kids of all ages will understand and enjoy! Running time: 34 minutes – Guest appearance by Benny Friedman.

The DVD will be available in stores and online Sept 1, 2014. You can purchase it at


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