Beri Weber: Chabatzkapella

May 14, 2014 1 min read

Chabatzkapella Cover
New from Beri Weber…..its “Chabatzkapella!”
Ye,s you guessed it folks. The uber popular ” Chabad Niggun”, made famous by Beri Weber on his last album Thank you Hashem,! is now being turned into an a cappella masterpiece by none other than Beri himself.
As part of Bezras Hashem, a series of ongoing projects and clips, videos and new ideas, Beri decided to release a song for sefira and although there were several choices for songs he wished to sing, the choice became clear to use Niggun Chabad as the song to best highlight Beris’s a cappella capabilities.
CD Eichler of A.K.A. Pella was brought in to produce the track and Nochi Kron handled the engineering, recording, editing and mixing.
Beri, Nochi and CD all added their signature styles and concepts to the vocal  arrangements  which are truly spectacular and feature some amazing harmonies and choir work, and a full symphony of instrument mimicking sounds performed by Beri himself!
It’s Beri like you’ve ever heard him before.  Get ready, folks, for Chabatzkapella!

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