Beats – The Rebbe’s Way #EvanAl #Yoely Greenfeld

March 09, 2014 1 min read

The musical compositions of the wedding band — EvanAl, will now be available to enjoy all day long. These young talents — Eli Lax, Motty Weiss & Yaakov Friedman collaborating with Jewish musics rising star, Yoely Greenfield have released their long awaited wedding album. The album features the arrangements of EvanAl, vocals of Yoely Greenfeld and co produced by Naftali Shnitzler. The vision of “Beats” was to produce a fresh and modern sound while keeping true to its Frum roots. Through the management of Chaim Rosenblatt EvanAl has evolved from just an elementary “boy band” to a formidable and legitimate Jewish music phenomenon.

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