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February 21, 2014 2 min read











In the winter that just doesn’t seem to end, parents may find themselves scratching their heads, wondering what to do to entertain their children in the face of frigid temperatures and miles of snow. Enter Bella Brocha, the first in an animated series for girls, featuring the music of Chanale Fellig and brought to you by Torah Treasure, the same crew that created Mitzvah Boulevard and the Wonders of Hashem.

Clocking in at 28 minutes long, Bella Brocha Goes to a Wedding tells the story of a sweet faced little girl with huge eyes, named Bella Brocha, who is eagerly awaiting the wedding of her cousin, Shaina Baila.  Through various interactions with her Morah, her classmates and her mother, Bella Brocha learns not only about what happens at a real wedding, but also about jealousy and the mitzvah of being misameach the chosson and kallah.  Interspersed throughout the dialogue and the great animation are lively musical numbers featuring Chanale.

Based on what went on here at our first showing of Bella Brocha, the preschool set is going to fall in love with Bella Brocha and don’t be surprised if you hear your little ones starting to sing along with the music after just a time or two through the DVD.  Hats off to producer and director Chaim Hershkowitz for incorporating a Kol Ish option, replacing the female voices with male ones.  While it is a little weird to heard male voices coming out of female character’s mouths, it not only saves you dads from Kol Isha problems, but also gives us moms the options of sending the kids to watch Bella Brocha with dear old dad, while we put those 28 minutes of peace and quiet to good use.

Bella Brocha is available at your local Judaica store and online



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