February 20, 2014 1 min read


Hey fellow Jewish Music lovers! I have been playing with this idea of a monthly Jewish Music Top 10 article for a while now and I’d like to get you involved.

We’ve teamed up with the JewishMusicStream.com (@JewishMusic) on this and we’re pretty excited about it! The Jewish Music Stream has a pretty cool request feature that you may or may not know about. You can go to http://jewishmusicstream.com/requests/, and type a song you’re looking for in the search bar or click on the letters to sort by artist name and the hit the big blue “Request” button, and wullah!, your song has now been entered in the queue and it will even tell you what place in line it is.

Fantastic! But what does all this have to do with a Jewish Music Top 10?

I’m glad you asked!

Basically, we have a nifty tracker-majig that counts every unique request for a song (nice try guy who chooses the same song over and over). At the end of the month I will tally up all the requests and BAM! We will have a Top 10 monthly song list!

Pretty neat, huh?

So… Go ahead and hop on jewishmusicstream.com and start requesting!

We’d like to know what each person likes, so feel free to tweet us using #JMTop10 with the song you requested and your tweet could be featured in next months JMTop10 article!

Feel free to leave your comments below or hit me up on twitter @sgstudiosdg.

Can’t wait to hear from ya!

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