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By: Dave Sharpner

We live in a society of child prodigies. We see them on YouTube. We hear them on other singer’s albums.  And sometimes, if the kid’s really good, we’ll even see him go on out and make a cd of his own.
In most cases though, these young prodigies  get older. And sadly enough, more often than not, the kid who wowed us with his amazing talents, will  upon aging, opt out of the singing industry and  find employment elsewhere.

And so it happens. We glance up occasionaly from the paper as word of a new prodigy comes around. We make bets on how long the the young talent will stick around. You say two years. You’re wife says three. Maybe we even sing along with him for a bit.
And then we go back to reading our paper.

And yet we still see occasionally, a mega talented kid that sticks it out, singing in to his late teens and then on through his adulthood, and Finally continuing on to  become a really big name in the music world. (In which case every one loses the bet.)
Shwekey started off as a kid in the choir . And so did Avremel. So yeh, it does  happen. Sometimes.

That being said, there are times, in the very very rare instance, when you can sense immediately that this is not your typical kid wonder. somethings different. As you’re reading your  paper you suddenly look up and it dawns upon you that your’e now listening to one of the  future superstars of Jewish music.
You take off your’e reading glasses. Maybe you even close the paper. And you listen in intently wondering if maybe youre ears are playing tricks on you. But you then realize its legit. “This kid has got it!” you exclaim to no one in particular as you continue  listening to the end of the track, and move on to the next song, a thumping hora medley. And at this point your’e hooked! Before you know it, your’e up and  out of the recliner , clapping, and prancing around the house.

Yes.That is exactly what just happened recently. The  prodigy I speak of  is Dovid Moskovits. A happy go lucky unassuming 14  year old. A boy with a voice, the  likes of which, I’d venture to say, youv’ve probably never heard before in your’e life. Ever.
That, and a vocal range, and unique style, that I can only describe  as “soaring”. (Hence the title of this paper.)
What do I mean by soaring? This boy reaches every single note, with such a crazy control and subtlety of depth, that it makes one wonder how such a thing can even be possible.
This by the way is coming from someone who doesn’t generally care much for choirs and the like.
So yeh, this kid is waaaaay  beyond good, to say the least.

Now for a  brief history: Dovid started singing at the tender age of three. He then officially began his public singing career in Ophi Nat’s Chazak choir. He later went on to become the star soloist in NYBC at just nine years old. Then at twelve,  he went on to  steal  the show, at The big Jewish Star competition in 2012 taking home the winning prize. (Wait there’s more)! He has since starred in four of his own videos! One of the clips, You Lift Me Up, which was filmed in Israel last year, can ony be described as “hauntingly inspiring”. The clip produced by Danny Finkelman of Sparks Next, is about the survival of the Jewish people, despite all of our persecutions. And if all that’s not enough, Dovid recently made a cameo appearance as the robotic DJ in the famous  Chasidic superstar Lipa Schmeltzer’s Hang Up The Phone music video. And finally, now, nearly two years later, here we are, sitting back and listening to his first full length album. SHALOM.

1-Bring us Shalom

The album starts us off  in the fast lane with a higly digitized English track. The upbeat lyrics speak of hope for a final utopian and peaceful world in the very near future. The energy and confidence which  Dovid starts off the album here is incredible. You actually begin to forget that your’e listening to a 14 year old singing.
The words are sung so clearly and with such conviction that you can’t help but nod in agreement with Dovid’s beautiful message. “Gee, your’e right Dovid!” youre gonna say to your self. “We really do need peace in this world already!”  In fact you’re about ready at this point to go out and begin destroying every single weapon and tank you can possibly lay your’e hands on. But Don’t do it. Trust me. It’s not a good idea. Rather, what you should do, is to keep singing along with Dovid this beautiful prayer of a song. And May that day he sings of come upon us very soon. Amen.


So, you wanted to hear  incredible  range, eh?
Well, Ok. You got it.
You wanted to hear a song sung with uninhibited passion and feeling?
Well, once again, you got it.
You wanted to hear soaring vocals with color and nuance and flavor and atmosphere?
Ok. Ok.  Well, once again.. You’ve got that too!

Yes, this crooning and heartfelt number by master composer Elimelech Blumstien is one of those songs. It just pulls at your’e insides and takes you on a journey somewheres far far and away out of our tiny corner of the galaxy.  And  then, once you add Dovid’s pristine  vocals to the mix.. man.. get ready to soar! And once  again.. that voice. All I can say is “WOW!!”

One final thing that I think is amazing (besides for that voice) is the way Dovid enunciates every word. This is something very unique. Listen closely and  youre gonna see what I mean. Theres a certain very careful control hes got. Its like he’s he’s putting a certain amount of perfect emphasis on each syllable. Some syllables he uses more stress. some less. But in the end, its just so spot on PERFECT!!  And so,  in the final effect we get this beautifuly colorful song with an unbeleivably rich texture. And the way he sings it… well it all just seems so effortless!

3-Matnat Kel

Hay there…  Shalom! Welcome to the Middle East! Please find yourself a comfy spot over there on the rug, grab yorself a bongo drum, and come join us for this lively zemer!
Hay! Bet you didn’t know that Dovid actually  born in Israel! Yup. Thats right. You can really hear it here in his accent.

This beautiful Middle Eastern track is a message of hope and yearning for our precious land to be ours completely once again. Its a song about our survival against all odds through hashem’s loving care for us.
And once again Dovid totally nails this piece! And Oh the way sorry.I was meant to ask, would you like some Kuskus?

4-Adon Olam

This song is actually a cool mashup of a few Adon Olams. Incidentally this was was the medley that won him the finals at The Jewish Star singing competition.
The first  Adon Olam starts off slow which immediately segues into the famous Miami track. Then we end off with a smashing Adon Olam rap number. Very original!

5-We need you now

This light and soft yet powerful English song composed by Zvika Bornstein and Mike Boxer of SIX13 fame is yet another emotional heart tugger.
We  hear Dovid pleading directly to Hashem. “Hold us tight and never let us go.”  The song starts off very soft and slowly builds up to the high part where Dovid lets its all go as he keeps soaring higher…and higher.
Once again, listen to the voice. This is a boy of tremendous purity and depth.
A voice of someone who clearly has a tremendous clarity of understanding, and passion. We need someone like this now, pleading to Hashem, to come  embrace us. The brilliance of this song is in that direct passion and simplicity whith which Dovid sings these words.

6-Lo Lefached

This is a great hora song, which will very likely blow up big on the wedding circuit. Its simple and extremely catchy. Dovid really brings on a lot of energy here. Of particular note is the cool electronic music in the background which keeps changing. It comes on and off throughout the song doing all kinds of different shtick, sound effects, and digital beats. And yet it never gets in the way of Dovid’s trademark soaring vocals. Rather the music justs hangs in back there, blending in seamslessy with Dovids voice. And finally in the end we even get a bit of the Gangnanm chords thrown in for good measure! WOW! What a song!

7-Al hasulam

Bring out the guitars people!! This fun yeshivish rock number composed by Yitzy Bald for NYBC is a great song to pick you up when your’e feeling a bit blah. Or any time for that matter that you want to get a little high. (pun intended)
Its got a lot of heavy electric guitar going on here.

In fact  upon hearing the sick electric guitar work here you can almost picture some long haired dude swaying back and forth on the stage in the blinding colorful spotlights before thousands of crazy fans. Yeh. Theres my imagination going on me. :)  Anyways The theme of this song is how  we can continue to always  grow through the ladder of song.

8-Inside Out

This is more of a mainstream sounding pop song composed by Tzvika Bornstein. The arrangements  on this track are just mindblowing. Credit for that goes to Nachi Krohn and Mo kiss of AKApela fame.
There’s a lot of things that I really like about this song. Theres the musical intro for one, which is just crazy crazy awesome! And then there’s the lyrics. Their deep. Their poetic. Their abstract. And their just good. Yeh. The lyrics are on this song are just  plain briliant. “Time standing still, And I feel like an empty hourglass falling down.”  And further I qoute. “Fighting til forever Running through the fire turn and face those secret dragons And my doubts.”
What I also find really brilliant  is how these lyrics fit together with the tune here so perfectly. Everything just flows.

Finally there’s the deep meaning behind these lyrics. Dovid is saying how he’s (all of us really for that matter)  growing up. And even though time does seem to sometimes stand still, in reality wer’e all moving along quickly. And yet he stands there waiting for better days. And bright blue skies.  Waiting. And time continues passing by. Finally he reaches a point where he realizes that he’s gotta find the  courage  to face those fears inside himself, and in doing so, turn his inside (his dreams and hopes) out (to action and taking the inniative). In short, this song is about the concept of  willpower and courage to change ones self, and ultimately the world. Wow! What a song! And again, Dovid completely nails this thing!

In fact I would even venture to say that  this song shows Dovid could potentially make it as a pop star in the mainstream world  if he had so wanted. He’s that good.  Lucky then, we are, to have such a phenomenol musical talent among us!


Another crooning and beautiful  heart wrenching English song. This one’s about his mother. How everything Dovid is now, and everything he’s accomplished up until this point, is all due to her endless love and belief  in him. Once again the lyrics on this song are really good. But its those pure and real feelings and emotions which Dovid brings to this track that  really just give you the chills. We can actually sense Dovid’s overwhelming appreciation pouring forth. Its pure and coming from deep inside.

10-Sha’alu Shalom Yirushalayim.

This fast paced power track is a perfect song to excersise to, or to dance to for that matter. Once again the vocals on this track are strong and crystal clear. Dovid is going out full force here. “SHAALU SHALOM YERUSHALAYIM!!” What a great way to end this album. With a bang!

All in all this is a brilliant album with solid songs, genius arrangements, and most importantly insane vocals by possibly the most talented teen prodigy to ever step foot in the world of Jewish music. Seriously. I’ll say it again. This kid is good. I mean really really good!  And what’s more,  all this is just on his debut album. We can only imagine what he’s gonna sound like in just a few years from now! I really have no doubt that we are looking right here at a future super star of Jewish music! So get ready folks. Hinei Yomim baim.. Big things are coming… and  meanwhile, RUN!! Hit up youre local Judaica store And grab for  yourself a copy..while you can!! SHALOM!!

p.s. For those of you fans who’ve been wondering and asking me why I haven’t been posting on social media and twitter much. Yeah Im still around! :) Sorry guys. One of the main easons is its been crazy busy here. I’m working over the last few years and now nonstop on a huge project which I’m finally nearing completion now. (including my first book among other things) And which may (God willing) have a tremendous impact (and revolution)  in the Jewish entertainment world and the entire Judaism and Yidishkeit in general. ( Thats all I can say for now folks :) Hopefully I’ll be back on again some time soon posting about my project. Meanwhile all the best! Keep the faith! Peace.

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