Shlomo Katz: 19 Years, 19 Carlebach Videos

October 17, 2013 2 min read



Dear Friends,

This coming Saturday night marks the 19th yahrtzeit (anniversary of death) of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach ztz’l.

In honour of this special day, here are 19 video clips we have recently published onto YouTube from our on-growing archive of material. Although this is a lot of beautiful material to watch, I hope you find that one niggun, that one story, that one teaching which pierces straight through and lasts.

Reb Shlomo speaks about this when it comes to our parsha, Vayera (EVEN SHLOMO – VAYERA)

“When Avraham received those three holy guests, who he thought were pagans but turned out to be angels, Avraham Avinu is not stingy. He slaughtered three oxen just for the three guests in order to give each of them a tongue. The deepest question is when it comes to water he says ‘Yukach Na Me’at Mayim’ (Breishis 18:4), take a little water to wash your feet. Suddenly Avraham is stingy and he says ‘save the energy, just take a little bit of water’. Why so?

The deepest question in the world is what do you think is stronger? Do you think the world and it’s temptations are stronger or do you think the Torah is stronger, yiddishkeit is stronger? Who do you think is stronger, the six days of the week or Shabbos? Do you think the whole world is stronger or do you think that little Israel is stronger?

So I said a gevalt torah. Avraham Avinu says to the pagans ‘do you know how much you need to become a mentsch?’, ‘Yukach Na Me’at Mayim’, a little bit of water. Me’at, one word of the Torah can turn your insides over a thousand times. Not only is the whole Torah stronger than the world, even one letter of the Torah. Yukach Na, take a little water, and everyone knows that water is the holy Torah.

 Some of us think we know so little, but do you know one letter? Do you know an aleph or a beis? That is enough, you are stronger than the world, you are stronger than anything.”

(Even Shlomo – Vayera)


Here is the list videos:

1)    Shevach Nosnim Lo – New York, 1991:


2)    Early Days on Moshav Modi’in – Succos 1977:

3)    Tisha B’av on Israeli Televison –in Hebrew – 1992:

4)    Baltimore Concert 1959 – No Sound:

5)    Concert in Yerushalayim – Summer 1987:

6)    Full Length Class – Carlebach Shul, NY 1988:

7)    A Badekin and Chuppa – Summer 1987, Yerushalayim:

8)    On the Moshav – 1987:

9)    Late Night at the Kotel – 1987:

10)  Choosing the Name ‘Even Shlomo’:

11)  A teaching on Avraham Avinu & Sara – NY 1988:

12)  Singing the Rizhiner Niggun – Carlebach Shul, NY 1991:

13)  Healing Video for Hospital Patients – Los Angeles 1994:

14)  On NY Television, 1991:

15)  Teaching Rebbe Nachman’s Likutei Eitzos:

16)  We are not babies anymore – Yerushalayim 1987:

17)  Shacharis in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) – September 1989:

18)  Can’t you find another way? Carlebach Shul, November 1993:

19)  Can’t Stop Crying – Yom Hashoah 1992 – Carlebach Shul, Ny:

Good Shabbos

Sending lots of love from Eretz Yisrael


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