8th Day sings ‘Ker A Velt’ for Yad L’shliach

June 14, 2013 1 min read



The popular group 8th Day have teamed up with Yad L’shliach to present a one of a kind song release titled; ”Ker A Velt”.

Composed and written by 8th Day, the song has an amazing and powerful message. It combines different genres and styles to create a very unique and enjoyable song. ”We’ve never done anything like it,” said Shmuel Marcus of 8th Day. ”With song and music in general, you have to go with inspiration of the moment – and that’s what we did with ‘Ker A Velt’.”

The single is being sold exclusively at www.keravelt.org with all proceeds going to charity.

”The idea is to spread awareness of the great work that shluchim do all over the world,” says Rabbi Shlomo Friedman of Yad L’shliach. According to Yossi Zweig, host of The Z Report, ”this song is epic and a real pleasure to listen to.”


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