Behind the Scenes of the Yesh Tikvah Tour

May 30, 2013 1 min read

This past Pesach, Benny Friedman began the first part of a major world tour. A film crew followed Benny through 8 amazing shows in various locations.

Produced by Sruly Meyer. Directed and Edited by Moshe Bree – Ingenious Productions. Filmed by Rod Weber & Moshe Bree
South Florida Concert footage courtesy of CJ Studios.

Song produced by Avi Newmark. Song composed by Ari Goldwag. Lyrics by Miriam Israeli & Ari Goldwag. Arrangement by Ian Freitor. Album available at

Special thanks to Yerachmiel Begun, Eli Gerstner, Suki & Ding, Gateways, Shmuel Modes, and everyone who helped make this video possible including all the people who came to the shows and made them the successes that they were.


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