Rivka Leah Releases New Single: Footsteps

December 07, 2012 1 min read

This song is about that moment where we see our lives stretching out like footsteps in the sand. During the peaceful times, there are two sets of footprints – one set of course is our own, and the other set belongs to Hashem/G-D. In times of difficulty however, there is only one set of footprints. Perplexed, we might wonder – Where is He? Why isn’t Hashem/G-D with us in times of trouble?”

Song composed and produced by Rivka Leah . Lead vocals – Chaya Sara Weiss. Backing vocals – Talia Bloom. Arranged and Recorded by Robyn Payne at Admusic, Melbourne, Australia www.admusic.com.au. Piano, electric & acoustic guitars, bass, electronic percussion and all midi instruments by Robyn Payne

You can buy the single on MostlyMusic for 99 cents, or get for free if you are a fan of her facebook page.

Purchase Rivka Leah’s debut album, SILENT PRAYER available online.

** Please remember this music is Kol Isha.