Avram Zamist Celebrates 10 Years in Jewish Music

July 05, 2012 2 min read

Jewish Music Report offers a hearty Mazel Tov to Avram Zamist for hitting the ten year mark working in the world of Jewish Music. Avram has brought much innovation, creativity and style to the industry. Not to mention a lot of great concerts and events.

Avram just posted this very clever little poem, an ode if you will to Jewish Music. Enjoy!

Happy to be celebrating 10 years in the music business; my reflections. 

The Mighty N’s, ruled it all, but slowly surely, began to fall.
An idea was born, let’s start a band, first two and three, now almost a grand.
Let’s give credit, where credit is due, Shloime was first with his band stands in blue.

On the concert scene there were two kings, but Shwekey had what no one else could bring.
Songs and a voice, he had it all, from Paris to Caesarea, they began to call.
We were introduced to a Yid from Square, uplifting albums, great shows, if you dare.

Seven million hits and national fame, never in our nation, something quite the same.
Lots of new artists, some nice most lame, all looking to find the glitz and the fame.

Meanwhile back on the wedding gig scene, lots of new talent, even some teens.
Aaron continued, with Daskal & Lamm, Rosenblatt surged as YouTube began.

Freilach was born with a young group of three, while the boys from LA brought the world Ya Li Li.
A new sense of unity, different hats and kipot, Jewish pride sang, with every note.
New choirs were born, for men of all age, and electronic music, as we turn the page.

While times have changed, some faces departed, with the real Boss’ help, we’re only getting started.
Let’s not lose sight of our mission, our goal, bring joy to mankind, touch each ones soul.
So take out your guitar, lay your hand on a string, when we all are as one, good times it will bring.