Yaron Ben Ami Misvonen – Acapella

April 22, 2012 1 min read


At the height of the Omer takes a singer and composer Yaron Ben – Ami specialvocal version and the excellent debut single, successful “looking”.

The lyrics express the desire and need for self-and multiple personal free lovebetween people, especially these days of the Omer, which Rabbi Akiva’s studentsdied for not having proper respect each other.

“Always feel close and see only good for everything that happens is for the bettersay nice words and your heart goes out to pray from the soul

Watching and then see how everything was perfect and very impressed from the beauty world God keeps me and a big world suddenly realize that I can, I can

Positive thoughts arise in my heart now wants to approach learning to exploit the minute silence Father who loves to connect ”

Words and Music: Sharon Avilhak. Production and Votes: Doron Elimelech.

Ben currently works – new single with me, God’s help will come after the counting of the Ome