Bonei Olam Presentation: Yermia Damen, Mezamrim Choir

March 06, 2012 2 min read

A beautiful heartfelt music presentation by chasidic belzer singer rabbi Yermia Damen accompanied by Mezamrim Choir led by Chilu Posen at the Bonei Olam Dinner. Fabruary 21. 2012, in Ateres Avrohom Hall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

Yiddish lyrics: Shia Burich Gross and Yoel Weberman
Music: Avrumi Berko and Dovi Tessler
Filmed & Edited: Neumann Media Studios

Bonei Olam’s mission is to help couples that are experiencing infertility realize their dreams of enjoying these moments.

Bonei Olam was founded by a group of individuals who themselves experienced the hardships of infertility and its mission is to provide funding for all aspects of fertility treatments, thus relieving couples of the financial, emotional and physical stress resulting from infertility.

Bonei Olam has developed a strong and dedicated network of doctors and fertility centers across the world, enabling them to offer unsurpassed medical and financial assistance to all applicants.

Bonei Olam understands how important confidentiality is to the infertile couple. The very nature of their problem strips them of their privacy. Having to ask for financial assistance often seems like just one more indignity to be suffered.

When a couple contacts Bonei Olam, they are assigned to a personal counselor who is trained to guide them through the labyrinth of medical information and the negotiation of payment plans. Only their counselor knows the couple by name. All other communication with Bonei Olam is by PIN number only.

To date, over two thousand of the many couples that Bonei Olam has assisted have B”H given birth to children of their own. If not for Bonei Olam, these couples would not have had alternative avenues to finance their treatments. Most fertility Centers refuse to treat patients before they have been financially cleared. Most insurance plans do not cover substantial parts of fertility treatments, considering them elective medicine.