Coming Soon! Brand New Music from MRM

December 20, 2011 1 min read

New from MRM Music just in time for Chanukah it’s –

Chanukah Songs featuring the Yididim Choir orchestra by Yeuda Gilily a beautiful Chanukah collection of 18 songs
and for the kids there is
Hereshele At the Chanukah Lights featuring songs and story by Yitzy Erps and Koppy Elbogn your children will love this CD and Book.
Also new Relax 5 the next CD in the relax series featuring gorgeous Chasiddish insteramentasls.

Tal HaLevi is a capable and talented musician, who brings to light his first album Modeh Ani. Which for days became his best friend as he, wrote most of his lyrics, melodies and tunes for this album. The rest of the text came from several other mekoros. The music of the Halevi family is varied and diverse and most of its styles have transformed the album into something special and interesting to listen to. The album contains 14 tracks and includes rhythms of Reggae, Rock and even a touch of the Middle East. The rhythms change as the music flows, and the choice of lyrics and emotions behind them lead the album to become full of something that can only be described as Jewish energy.

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