Eyal Golan Releases Brand New Single

December 20, 2011 1 min read

EDITORS NOTE: Eyal Golan is a Jew, who makes uplifting songs, sung in Israel, with inspiring, and positive messages of faith in Hashem, love of being a Jew and pride in being one. His songs are sung at many Orthodox weddings from Yerushalayim to Brooklyn. His music was played at many recent frum concerts. His music has now been covered by multiple “Chassidic” artists in recent recordings. This satisfies the JMR definition of JEWish Music. This particular song has no offensive lyrics. If anyone has a problem with this policy they are free to hit “NEXT” on their web browser of choice. We wish you a happy Chanukah, and thank you for not judging other Yidden on Chanukah (or any other day ….)

A hot new song from Israeli superstar, Eyal Golan.