Vote for Chony Milecki in the Yamaha quarter finals!

April 12, 2011 2 min read


Some people go out to restaurants, others hang out with friends, yet others just kick back and relax. Every one has a different version of what they call fun. Call me strange, but my way of having fun is browsing through music sites on the internet. It could be anything from listening to demos of a bluegrass band no one’s heard of before to reading through online manuals for a guitar pedal you can only buy in pawn shops anymore. It was while having this sort of “fun” that I happened on the Yamaha Freestyle Performance contests, where basically keyboardists from all over the country show off their skills with a Yamaha keyboard and a group of judges narrows them down.

I always love to listen to this kind of music because you can find all kinds of creativity flowing out of these guys working from home that no one knows about… or sometimes their mother’s home. Anyway, I scroll down to see which of the 8 I want to hear first and to my surprise I happen across a very familiar face! Sure enough, matching the familiar face is the name “Chony Milecky”, just in case I was brewing some kind of lookalike conspiracy theory in my pre-pesach fried brain.

Long story short, I voted and I hope you do too. Not just to support one of our own, but also because I felt he simply showed off more of the versatility and ability of the keyboard at the hands of a pro. Here’s the link, you can vote 5 times a day. Let’s show ’em whose music rocks. I know whose, how bout Jew?