[NEW FEATURE] Parsha Podcast: Mishpatim – Seeing and hearing

January 28, 2011 1 min read

JMR is proud to present a new weekly feature. Ari Goldwag produces a weekly Torah Podcast which we will now be carrying, with his blessing, on JMR every week. We’re sorry this week is a little late, as of next week it will posted as soon as Ari releases it! We hope this will enhance your Shabbos!

Why is the first of the Mishpatim specifically the law of the Jewish slave? What is the significance of the fact that his ear is pierced at the doorpost? Why is he reminded of what he ‘heard’ at Sinai, as opposed to what he ‘saw?’ How is he remember what he ‘heard’ if he wasn’t there? What is the significance of his ‘six’ years of work? Why do the Jewish people accept the word of Hashem multiple times? Why does the first time only involve a statement of ‘we will do,’ as opposed to the second time where they also said, ‘we will listen?’ What is the significance of the twelve monuments? Why does Moshe go to sleep in the middle? What is the parallel to Yakov and his twelve sons?

Download the podcast here.
You can download all of Ari’s Parsha Podcasts by going to his site here.