A Jewish Star! Have You Auditioned Yet?

December 15, 2010 2 min read


A Jewish Star! Have You Auditioned Yet?

By Sruly Meyer

I’ve had many conversations with people looking to get started the Jewish Music industry. Often I hear the same reason for not being more aggressive. “It’s too hard to break in, I don’t know anyone, I’m not connected.” I always tell people you have to try everything, work hard, and most of all, take advantage of every single opportunity. You never know when something that you might not think will matter will make all the difference in the world.

That’s why I’m here to tell everyone interested in breaking into this business, this is one of the best chances you will ever get. A Jewish Star offers an incredible chance for literally anyone to be heard. The stage has already been set for you and the audience is gathered and ready to be wowed. There are no more excuses. You don’t even have to win to make a name for yourself. I have personally met and been introduced to so much new talent from the first season and I think that this year’s format lends itself to help even more people make a name for themselves, even if they don’t win first place.

I fully expect this years competition to be fierce and I know there will be many great voices. I’m looking forward to hearing what some of last years contestants do for their second attempts, and I can’t wait to discover all the new people entering this year. I’m especially excited that the contest is being aimed at such a  diverse crowd. No one knows more than I do how much untapped talent there is out there. I’ve seen so many great voices try so hard to break into the business, and I’m sure many of them wish this contest would have been around ten years ago.

I would like to encourage everyone who is contemplating entering A Jewish Star to go for it! Don’t worry about the feedback or the competition. This could be the opportunity of the lifetime and just by entering you will be seen by thousands of people.  I would be happy to help by offering a complimentary one time consultation to provide feedback and ideas to any potential Jewish Star contestants.  Feel free to reach me through my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/sruly or by emailingDesignsBySruly@gmail.com.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

(Sruly Meyer is a graphic design and marketing specialist for many in the Jewish music business including Aderet/Mostly Music, Yisroel Werdyger, Benny Friedman, Dovid Gabay, Shloime Taussig, Yitzy Spinner, Newmark Productions, Freilach Orchestra, Rivkah Krinsky, and many others.)