DOV: The Gift

September 26, 2010 1 min read

A star of the professional Jewish music scene for over 10 years, DOV brings his talents, unique style, and extraordinary voice to his first studio album and the first contemporary Jewish pop album. A vocalist first and foremost, DOV recognizes the need for quality music to be used as a tool to inspire today’s Jewish youth. Merging biblical texts with contemporary pop sounds, his album is like none other. As the first contemporary Jewish pop album, DOV: The Gift will delight audiences of all ages. DOV: The Gift highlights universal themes, such as the awesome power of prayer (Asei), belief in G-d (Shir Hama’alot), and the safety of the men and women who defend our homeland, Eretz Yisroel (Hu Yivarech). The title (The Gift), which is also the name of the final track on the CD, was chosen because as each of us knows, we must always be grateful for the things that truly matter in life.