Confessions of a Music Geek

February 23, 2010 2 min read

music geek

Ok, I’ll admit it.  I am a music geek.  Always have been.  My mom claims that when I was little, she would sit me down next to the record player, leave me home alone, go out to the bus stop and wait for my brother and sister to come home from school.  She knew that if I was listening to music, I wouldn’t move.

Not only am I music geek, but I am raising a house full of them.  My kids literally wore out our original Fisher Price tape recorder.  My son’s favorite toys when he was little were cassette tapes.  He would pull them out of their cases, and gleefully pull the tape off the reels.  I spent hours with a pencil, trying to wind the tape back inside the case. Sefira and the Three Weeks were agony for him.  How could he manage that long without music?

So you can imagine what things are like here when we get a new CD.  We pop it into the CD player and all sit around listening.  And then we all argue over who gets to read the booklet first.  That’s right, we actually read those things.  Cover to cover.  We don’t actually memorize them, but we do know them pretty well by the time we’re done.

Then there are the videos.  Boys choirs are the best.  My kids name all the boys in the choir.  Over the years we’ve had “Bunny Boy”, “Scientist” and “Shvitzy”.  I keep teasing my daughter that one day, years from now, she’ll be going out on a first date with a guy.  She’ll open the door and it will be one of the boys from the choir and she’s going to scream “Oh no!  It’s Wiggly Cheeks!”  Should be very entertaining.

They also know the choreography cold.  In some cases, they can do dead on imitations of the soloists.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a music geek, too.  Let’s hear some of your stories.