The Diaspora Family

January 26, 2010 2 min read

The Diaspora Yeshiva Band holds an important position in the development of Jewish music. Founded in 1975, it was the first of the Baal Teshuva bands. With such classics as Malchutcha and Tzadik Katamar Yifrach, their influence is not lightly understated. But their influence is generational as well – and by that, we mean that the DYB spawned a whole family of music, branching from just about each member of the band. (Only members Ted Glaser – bass, Simcha Abramson – clarinet and sax, and Gedalya Goldstein – drums – did not join further bands, to the best of my knowledge.)

Avraham Rosenblum:Founder, lead vocalist, guitars and harmonica. Rosenblum produced one forgotten album in the 80’s, and two modern albums under the name “Avraham Rosenblum and Diaspora”. One of those in particular, Jerusalem is Calling, is a highly underrated album, with some unbelievable drumming from his son, Moe.

Ben Zion Solomon: Vocals, guitars, fiddle, banjo. Solomon did produce a few albums after his Diaspora days, but it is his children who made a serious further impact in the Jewish music world:

Noah Solomon: Yeah, the Moshav Band (with brother Yehuda). And Inasense. And SoulFarm. And C. Lanzbom/Noah Solomon. What’s there to say?!
Oneg Shemesh: Spinning off of Moshav! Here’s a (former?) member of the Moshav Band who now has his own band – and two albums so far. So that’s a third generation away from DYB.
Nachman Solomon:He has one rock album, called Hamakor. I have to pick up a copy – it sounds pretty good.

Menachem Herman: Bass and guitars, He’s got his own band doing wedding gigs and such in Israel, under the name Menachem Herman Orchestra. I think they have a CD as well, but I don’t own it, and can’t seem to find it online.

Ruby Harris: Fiddle, harmonica. He created his own band as well, based in Chicago, called the Ruby Harris Blues Band. He’s also produced a CD or two of his own.

Adam Wexler: Bass, vocals.He’s been an integral part of Reva LeSheva. Of which, one of their guitarists
Leyzer Lloyd (Blumen) formed his own group, the unbelievable Yood.

Pretty prodigious!