Coming Soon: Shloime Gertner: Say Asay!

January 12, 2010 1 min read

The exciting follow up album from Shloime Gertner is finally in sight!

TeeM Productions kicked off the marketing campaign for the upcoming CD last night with an intense “Say Asay” spread the word directive. On Twitter and Facebook “Say it loud, say it strong, say it proud … Say Asay!” was the line of the night.

These are the words from the upcoming, sure to be hit, Yossi Green composed, title track to Gertner 2. For now you can see a graphic on the newly launched Teem Production website ( that shows a photo of Shloime Gertner in a mirror and the words”‘Objects in the Mirror are closer then they appear”, sources say this CD will be i stores in the next 3 weeks.

We will have a cover and clips to play you in the coming days.