“Soldiers”: Mumbai tribute by “the Sheichet”, vid & download

November 19, 2009 1 min read

“Soldiers” a tribute to the Kedoshim of Mumbai HY”D
Different people express their emotions better in different ways. While Kol Isha so beautifully expressed in words what many of us are thinking and feeling a short year after the horrible tragedy in Mumbai, I found it easier to express my thoughts through a song. I wrote this a week after the tragedy and a year later my reflections remain much the same. I therefore invite you to share the journey of my mind and soul to the home of the brave, fortress of the determined, stronghold of the fearless and base of the defiant. A place called Nariman House, home of the holy ultimate soldiers of Mumbai, may Hashem avenge their blood.

Mendel “the Sheichet”

(free mp3 download link and link for lyrics & chords below, under vid)

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