Bein HaMetzarim

July 09, 2009 1 min read

lashon hara
The Three Weeks. It’s more than just a time when we don’t listen to music or wear new clothes. It’s a time of sadness, introspection and trying to find ways to better ourselves, right wrongs, and treat each other right.

No, to the best of my knowledge, we’re not going to be posting daily Divrei Torah here at JMR. But we are the JEWISH Music Report and we try never to forget that. Hence the reason for this post.

We love it when you comment on our posts. Comments and the ensuing dialogue make the posts even better. We really, really want to hear from you! But when your comments have lashon hara in them, we can’t approve them. Sometimes it’s really upsetting. Such great thoughts and opinions and we can’t publish them because they contain lashon hara.

So, please. Think before you type. If you think a song/singer/CD is awful, please keep it to yourself. It’s lashon hara and we can’t approve a comment like that. That doesn’t mean you can’t offer constructive criticism in a positive way. But just know: if your comment contains lashon hara, we’re gonna have to kill it.

So keep ‘em coming. Just keep ‘em kosher.