Shloime Taussig at Mostly Music

May 22, 2009 1 min read

Shloime Taussig’s debut album, from TeeM productions (Gershy Moskowitz and Yossi Tyberg) is now in stores.  Make sure to buy the CD here!

You can go here to hear the interview with Mendel and click here to watch the video preview.

Here is the album description.

Shloime Taussig’s new CD titled “Modim Anachnu” is sure to be an instant classic. The album, produced by Gershy Moskowitz and Yossi Tyberg has 13 amazing songs, and features the professionalism & passion you’ve come to expect from this dynamic duo!

The CD contains two songs from the master of Jewish Music, Yossi Green. The CD also has songs from Lipa, Dudi Kalish, Pinky Weber and many hot, new composers such as Motti Ilowitz, Meshulam Greenberger, Shragy Gestener, Yoel Polatsek, Heshy Fuchs & Avrumi Berko.The CD features arrangements by Naftali Mendlowitz, Ruvi Banet and Shua Fried.