One Week Later: A Kumzitz in the Rain 2- Doni Gross

April 22, 2015 3 min read

Pesach has passed which can only mean one thing- acapella season has arrived! There are many different opinions regarding acapella. Some people don’t hold of it, while some say just listening to recorded music is okay. I hold the middle ground where I can listen to acapella but not music.

Acapella music has come a long way. What used to be a heavy dose of vocals has changed somewhat to fake music. Today’s album is of the vocal style. With beautiful harmonies and wonderful voices, it’s safe to say that this album is as inspiring as advertised.

Let’s get to the songs:

TORAH HAKDOSHA- What a great song to begin with. With Shavous approaching rapidly, we must all get ready to be mekabel the torah hakdosha. This fantastic song helps us get prepared, no doubt. It’s from Shwekey’s B’Simcha album and is a true gem. Not sure who the soloist is but a job well done to him as well.

EIN AROICH- A beautiful song composed by Reb Boruch Levine. Starring Shlomo Simcha, and a child soloist that I’m not sure about (sorry- no booklet so I’m guessing here), this song is firing on all cylinders and hits all the targets with its wonderful harmonies. The lyrics come from Shachris on Shabbos.

MEHEIRA- A very nice song that I couldn’t originate, but sounds so familiar. If anyone knows, please let me know in the comment section below. Guest starring Ari Goldwag, a very good song.

TOV LEHODOS- originally from the Shalheves Boys Choir album Precious Tears, and featuring Tzvi Silberstein, this song is a beautiful, haunting rendition of the original and a kumzitz must.

SHALSHELES MEDLEY- This medley begins with Heyma from Shalsheles Jr. 2, followed by Shir Hamaalos from from Volume 4, with members of Shalsheles Jr on that song, and concludes with Ekra from Volume 1. Overall a beautiful melody, every song a gem.

CHAMOL- Featuring Michoel Pruzansky, this classic from Shlomie Dachs off his album One Day at a Time, it’s a very nice song, with nice backup vocals.

VCHOL MI- Can’t find the original song, again. If someone could find out that would be amazing. I love this song, featuring Rivie and Avrumie Schwebel. It’s amazing and really hits the kumzitz vibe that they were looking for.

REACH OUT- From JEP, a fantastic song with really nice lyrics. Very nice soloists throughout and this could be my favorite song on this album.

IM ESHKACHECH- This song comes from Lev Tahor 2 and is one of the best versions of Im Eshkachech out there. This is a wonderful version of that with the perfect amount of harmony and vocal pitch.

BARDITCHEVER NIGUN- This song is a must sing at every kumzitz and should pull at every Jewish heart. This song is sung with such heartfelt emotion, it is truly beautiful. I’m not sure who the lead vocalist is but he’s excellent in this song as is the choir. At the end of the song it speeds up and adds clapping, making it a true beauty.

In conclusion, this album really is inspiring and great and is one of the best acapella albums I’ve heard in a while. If you need something beautiful to listen to during the day you of sefira that will inspire you, this is the album to buy.