The debut single of Moishy Nailender

August 19, 2015 1 min read

מחשב 01

The debut single of Moishy Nailender, king of Chassidic wedding music, is a milestone event in the history of Chassidic music. Originally an authentic tish niggun by Vizhnitz’s famed composer Yitzchak Ungar, “Tzamah” gets a modern, upbeat dance flavor in this unique new rendition.

Tzamah is a classic Tish song from the parenches, with a dance rhythm that adds an exciting new dimension for today.

Moishy Nailender, son and nephew of the world-renowned Nailender Brothers, has launched his singing career with stunning success on the wedding and event scene, where he appears throughout the year.

Tzamah: composed by Yitzchak Unger, with a lively new arrangement by up and coming musician, Yanki Cohen. Background vocals from a children’s choir led by Moshe Krauss, director of the Meshoririm Choir, adds depth and richness to the song, turning it into a fiery new hit that is certain to make quick way into wedding halls everywhere. Haven’t hit play yet