HILLELKAPS – Review of Micha Gamerman’s “Micha Avdecha”

October 27, 2015 3 min read













While many of my reviews tend to focus on Jewish Music artists based in the USA, today we’ll be taking a trip to Brazil which is where today’s artist Micha Gamerman is located. After his debut album and a number of singles Micha has finally released a second album! Throughout this album Micha proves himself to be talented as both a chazzan as well as a contemporary singer. Let’s get started!

  1. Rak Simcha – Starting off the album is a track that was composed by Ari Goldwag with Lyrics by both Ari and Miriam Israeli (Remember Yesh Tikva?) Arranged by the dynamic duo of Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry, this song will definitely get you jumping!
  2. Micha Avdecha – Next we have the title track of the album. This ballad comes from famed composer Yitzy Waldner and features some of the best musicians Israel has to offer.  While singing well is a talent to begin with, Micha really adds to the compositions with the emotion he contributes to his singing.
  3. Ze Hamakom Shelanu – This next song sounds like something that would have been next in line for the Dovid Gabay “Eretz Yisroel” album. this track is composed and features some very funky backing vocals by Elie Schwab.
  4. Simcha Gedola Halaila – First we had Halaila (track 9), now it’s time to add even more Simcha with this next track “Simcha Gedola”. Throughout the lyrical twists and turns throughout this track one can’t help but wonder how Micha kept himself from getting tongue-tied while recording this song. 
  5. Bezochrenu Et Zion – This tracks brings us another Elie Schwab composition. You can really hear through this album, Elie is very talented at switching up his composing style so that no two songs sound alike. While this ballad could have been arranged as most ballads are, Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry definitely switched it up by adding some electronic elements.
  6. Halaila – Finally it’s time to bring some middle eastern feel into the album! You may have gotten a bit of a Sephardic vibe from Micha in earlier tracks on the album but here he lets it all out. I can’t claim to know the hit sephardic weddings songs but I would venture to guess that this will definitely be a contender.Definitely keep an ear out for the solo’s around the 3 minute mark.
  7. Choneini Hashem – Composed by Yitzy Berry I can already see this song being sung at Kumzitses around the world.
  8. Simcha Dikdusha – This next track composed by Elie Schwab also features his vocals. the arrangement takes the old “disco” song style and gives it a facelift. Between the tight brass and bass lines and the poppy choir arrangements you’ll definitely find yourself tapping your foot to the best throughout the duration of this song.
  9. Help Me Today – This next track is an English composition by Yitzy Waldner. This song dedicated to Rabbi Ezra Chalom is a reminder that no matter how crazy the world around us is, we can alway turn to Hashem and rely on him. Yitzy contributes gorgeous backing vocals to this track which complement Micha’s singing perfectly.
  10. Bazman Haze – Again we have a fabulous composition by Yitzy Waldner. I love the orchestral/rock arrangement on this song. Fair warning: You may find yourself humming the chorus randomly throughout the day. There is currently no known cure other than singing other songs on this album.
  11. Yehi Hashem – Batting cleanup in the composer category is Yossi Green. This track is another beautiful ballad that shows us that Micha is not just a “pop” singer, but a real vocal powerhouse. As if that wasn’t enough, you will also hear the familiar Yossi Green backing vocals we’ve all come to recognize throughout Yossi’s compositions.
  12. Hinei – This next song is composed by Michas’ younger brother Yoni Gamerman. Yoni also sings beautifully on this track with Micha and shows us that the music business might just run in the Gamerman family.  
  13. Tiskabel – The last track on this album composed by Eli Klein definitely ends the album on a funky note. Starting with the clapping you typically hear at sports stadiums to the exciting brass and middle eastern musical elements that all come together to make one great track!


You might know Micha as a singer. You may even know him as a Rabbi or a Mohel (he is both!) in Brazil. If you haven’t heard of him until now I highly recommend you get acquainted with his music. With his powerful vocals and original musical arrangements Micha is definitely making a worldwide splash in the Jewish Music world.