Shua Kessin Inspires Hundreds In Vail, Colorado for The Shabbos Project

November 01, 2015 1 min read


It was Shabbos Parshas Lech Lecha, away from the typical fanfare and stage lights with world-renowned singer and performer Shua Kessin spending his Shabbos as part of the world’s greatest Shabbos event,  The Jewish Experience’s (The JE) Vail Shabbos Retreat in Vail, Colorado. This Shabbos, part of the The Shabbos Project started in South Africa in 2013, was run under the direction of Rabbi Aron Wasserman and Rabbi Raphael Leban of the JE and was held in the Vail Cascade Resort & Spa in the Rocky Mountains. It was in this scenic setting that Shua inspired and uplifted all the attendees with his wonderful koach of neginah throughout the Shabbos. One of the highlights was the inspiring Havdalah  and concert by Shua, bringing Shabbos to an amazing uplifting close.

Shua has a knack for blending the old together with the new, finding just the right way to move his audience. Friday night davening was in the classic Carlebach-style, while Motzei Shabbos Shua blended together Carlebach songs and his own hit songs with his band Harmonics. Together with renowned speakers Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky, and Rabbi Yitzchok Feldheim, Shua touched the hundreds of Yidishe Neshamos gathered there. Shua has been the first choice of many over the years to inspire and uplift audiences across the globe.