5th Dance – RHYTHM FIVE ft. Eli Marcus

March 06, 2019 1 min read

Y’all ready for this!? Rhythm meets Energy in this animated dance clip featuring the newest [and possibly one of the oldest!] hits on the Jewish wedding scene.


Produced and Arranged by: Tzvi Fishoff

Live Sound: Levi Parkas | Eagle Production Co.

Post Production: Goldfish Records 

Mixed by: Vlad Orzhekhovskiy

Video by: Motty Engel | Engel Studios

Marketing: Moe Wassertheil | DatzMoe


Eliyahu Hanavi – Dudi Feldman & Sruly Lipschitz

Meloich – Yingerlich

Sois Tossis – Eli Marcus

Aish – Yaakov Shwekey

Yoya – Kaveret