[MUSIC VIDEO] Hanukkah – New York Boys Choir – Nes Gadol

December 06, 2015 2 min read

This Chanukah holiday season, the New York Boys Choir, one of the most refreshing and creative sounds in the Jewish music scene, under the leadership of renowned producer Yitzy Bald, and film producer Yosef Shidler, of CJ STUDIOS, team up, to present this awesome, fun-filled, and inspiring music video, entitled “Nes Gadol-Great Miracle”. Life is like a dreidel. You never know how things will end up. We can never predict the outcome. The main thing is to be positive and trust in the one above that things will be great. Conceptualized by Yosef Shidler & Yitzy Bald, and filmed and directed by Yosef Shidler and CJ Studios crew, this video, “Nes Gadol-Great Miracle”, is sure to get you dancing.

Produced & Composed by: Yitzy Bald

Video production: CJ Studios

Film crew: Yosef Shidler, Brian Berkowitz, Avi Reiber, Matt Lenz

Lighting: Menachem Boaron, Master Lighting Productions

Video Editing: Clyde Cabanban

Soloists: Meir Richter, Binyomin Gitnik, Yitzy Shapiro

Choir producer, director, & arranger: Yitzy Bald

Music production: Doni Gross

Musical arrangements: Doni Gross, Yitzy Bald

Keyboards: Doni Gross, Yitzy Bald
Electric Guitars: Chaim Bokchin
Drums: Avi Avidani

Recorded at:
YB Studios Far Rockaway NY
DEG Studios Brooklyn NY
CDB Studios Brooklyn NY
Avi Avidani Studios Israel
Lighthouse Recording Studios Staten Island NY

Mixed and Mastered by:
Ed Reed
Doni Gross
Yitzy Bald

Shot on Location:
Cedarhurst Park, Cedarhurst NY
The Stahler Residence, Lawrence NY
Judaica Plus, Cedarhurst NY

Special Thanks to:
The Kornwasser Family
The Stahler Family
Dovid from Judaica Plus
The Entire Judaica Plus Family
The Parents of the Choir
Sarah Shidler
Sandy Eller


Kol Hachaim Hu Nimshal L’sivivon
Ainenu Masigim Et Hasof…Hatotza’ah

Kol Hachaim Hu Nimshal L’sivivon
Ha’ikar, V’kavei El Hashem
Sh’Nes Gadol Korei L’cha

Nes Gadol Hayah Sham
Sivivon Oh Sov Sov
Nes Gadol Hayah Sham
Oh Sov, Sov, Sov

Free Translation of Lyrics:

Life is like a dreidel,
We have no clue of how things will turn out in the end.
The main thing is to hope to/trust in the one above
That a great miracle will happen to you
(i.e. just like the Chanukah miracle)
(i.e. that great things will come your way)

A great miracle happened there (during the maccabee’s victory, Chanukah time)
Dreidel (top), Spin, Spin
A great miracle happened there (during the maccabee’s victory, Chanukah time)
Spin, Spin, Spin