HillelKAPS – Review of Tzvi Silberstein’s “Simcha”!

December 25, 2015 3 min read


Tzvi Silberstein - Banu Cover Final











Today I will be reviewing an album just recently released by a performer who’s been on a bit of a hiatus to the Jewish Music scene. While the performer may have been on a vacation from recording, the producer of this album certainly is not. Doni Gross has providing the Jewish Music world with amazing productions from his Kumzits in the Rain Series as well as his involvement in other projects  from well known Jewish music personalities such as Ari Goldwag. Doni presents to us with this new album singer Tzvi Silberstein. Let’s get to the music!


  1. Rikod – The first track on the album already shows us that Doni’s arranging skills are not limited to a capella productions. It also show’s us that Doni’s song composition skills aren’t too shabby either! Tzvi’s vocals are extremely high energy and you can feel by his singing throughout the track that he must have had a great time recording this album.
  2. Simcha – As opposed to the typical fast/slow back and forth we are used to on many albums, we are led right into another exciting track composed by Elie Schwab. Similar to the last track I get he feeling that Tzvi will make a wonderful wedding singer due to the energy he puts in his singing.
  3. Yerushalayaim – Now that we’ve gotten our fill of fast songs (for now anyways), we are led by an introductory orchestral strings arrangement into a beautiful composition by Doni and Yitzi Gross. Tzvi’s voice really shines on this track showing us his ability to give over the right energy still applies by ballads as well.
  4. V’yatzmach – With the large number of electronically arranged songs in Jewish music you probably will not be expecting the fiddle that starts off this next track but it’s awesome! This song composed by Yitzy Bald was the debut single off the album and I can honestly say that this song is what got me excited to hear the rest of the album.
  5. Lo Ira – So far we’ve had fast songs, and we’ve had one slow song (so far). The only thing we haven’t had yet is a guest feature, so here it is! This next track features the vocals of Ari Goldwag, and if that wasn’t enough, it was also composed by him! The art of finding two vocalists who work well together is a project in and of itself but Doni and Tzvi definitely picked the perfect vocalist to feature.
  6. V’atem – This next track composed by Yossi Muller is another exciting one (noticing a trend here?) While you may have had your fill of brass in Jewish music previously, this arrangement gives a breath of fresh air to the brass arrangements.
  7. Shiru Lo – This next track is a powerful ballad composed by Avi Mehl which again showcases Tzvi’s powerful vocals. The music on this track (as well as the other ones before and after) are exceptional and come to us through the Nafshenu Orchestra. The musicians used on this project are top notch and really brought the arrangements to life.
  8. Sim Shalom – As you may have noticed, the majority of “2nd Dance” songs coming onto to the Jewish music scene have featured electronically arranged songs. This next track composed by the producer Doni Gross himself bring back to the life the “Disco” whose style was behind the popularity of such songs as “Ma Ma Ma” and “Hagomel” among others.
  9. Eis Ratzon – The composition of this next track is a collaboration between Doni and Shumi Zelmanovitz. Tzvi puts just as much emotion into this song as he does the other soulful ones. This is the mark of a singer who is not just singing a nice tune, but understands the messages he is spreading to his listeners through his music.
  10. Banu Banu Banu – Up next is a composition from legendary composer Elimelech Blumstein. Over the years we have all found ourselves singing songs from this composer and with it’s catchy chorus this one will be no different.
  11. Shumra – Ending off the album is a composition by Doni Gross. I have been thoroughly impressed by Doni’s compositions throughout this album and how they work so well with Tzvi’s singing.

In conclusion I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from Tzvi going forward. Doni Gross does an amazing job with this production and even though it’s only a first album from the Doni-Tzvi team, they have already gotten me as a fan. Definitely go out and get your copy today!