Shlomo Katz releases Yismach Melech – A New Song From His Upcoming Album

January 04, 2016 1 min read

Shlomo Katz is in the final stretch before the launch of a new album. Although he identified with the songs of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, his resume is impressive with a number of original albums and famous hit songs he has composed and performed including: Niggun Nevo, Vehakohanim, Kevodo, Shma Koleinu, Shabbos Kodesh, and U’Berosh Hashana, which was released as a single a few months ago.

The songs on this album are not only composed by him, but even some of the original Hebrew lyrics were written by him as well. Nadav Bachar and Oren Tzur helped to produce and arrange the album.
Shlomo is now releasing the album title track, called Yismach Melech. The words of the song, were written by Shlomo himself.
Shlomo recalls, “A number of years ago I was invited to give a shiur to a group of American tourists who were staying in a house on the street Yismach Melech in the Mamilla neighborhood. Something about the name of the street grabbed me, and I thought about it the whole day. Just before we began learning, we sang a number of niggunim. In middle of this singing, this melody simply came to my mind. There were no words to it, but as the day went on I remembered the name of the street which made an impression on me, and I added the lyrics to it, and that became the name of the album.”