Amiran Dvir: Harega Lehodot

May 23, 2018 2 min read

The Inner flame, l’zamer Nigun, Esah Einei, Shivati, Shoshvinav and many more hits that were all over the radio and YouTube in the last two years are a product of the artist, composer and lyricist Amiran Dvir, who chose to put aside little bit of his time from his leading wedding band in the Jewish world, to create something personal and original.
Now Amiran presents “A moment of thanks” a heart warming ballad about all this good

Amiram told us; “During the last year I have found myself playing at the wedding of more and more children of couples who I had the honour of making joyous at their own weddings over 20 years ago.. the fact is that it’s already the second generation that is choosing us, Amiran Dvir & Band, and I now feel that it was the the time to stop and thank the One who we owe everything to, to raise my head, look to the skies and give thanks to Hashem.
A simple thanks from deep within for all that He gave and all that He gives me, for the help from heaven above that I am successful in making people happy, especially the bride and groom on their wedding day.

“Now is the time to thank You, for all every moment you have given us.”
“I’ve been with the same band for over 2 years, the same perfect team that we began with. So also a special thanks to the band who it’s been an honour to play with not only as musician but also as friends.
Shai & Adi Meiri – brass/wind instrument,
Yair Micha’el – guitar,
Naor Nechemia – drums,
And finally my dear brother Adi – percussionist