Amram Adar Releases Jewish Version of The Hit Song That Is Taking Over The World!

July 10, 2017 2 min read

It seems that this Tammuz is really turning into ADAR. Not only has Floridian singer Amram Adar released a spectacular music video for his latest single “Rabi Nachman” off his upcoming second album which is still holding #1 on the radio is Israel, but he just released a new song.

For the last 2-3 months, anywhere you go in the world, you are bound to hear the song “Despacito” blaring from radios. Originally recorded and released by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee and then released as a remix to the world at large by Justin Bieber, this song has taken over the world.

While finishing up his second album, one of Adar’s friends suggested to the singer to take this widely popular song and to put a positive message on it while creating a Jewish version. Amram immediately reached out to Israeli superstar singer composer and lyricist Itzik Shamli who started to work on new lyrics right away. Rounding out the production team, was producer extraordinaire Tamir Zur, who would re-create the sound of the original song with of course some “Israeli” twists. The result, is a song that will transcend to people from all walks of Judaism.

Despacito loosely translates into “taking things slow or to slow down.” This Hebrew version of the song talks about taking life slow and living it to the fullest. Trust in Hashem that all is for the best and to take one day at a time. This message is great for Summertime, when kids are off school and parents take some time off work to be with their families.

The song was released with an original and unique lyrical video created by the talented team over at AVOXVISION based in Israel. So please listen, watch enjoy and share away.

Despactio – The Jewish version is available for purchase on all digital platforms.